Getting your child school ready

Children in New Zealand start school when they are 5 years old. Most children at this age have acquired pre-learning skills, especially if they have been exposed to an early education centre. The recent COVID 19 lockdowns caused disruptions to learning resulting in some children not being fully “school ready”. You can help your child by doing the following:

  • Make the experience a positive one by talking about school in a positive way.
  • Talk to your child about what their day will look like.
  • Build relationships with your child’s teacher. This shows your child that you are interested in their learning.
  • Create routines that your child can follow easily. It may help to create a simple visual schedule to guide them.
  • As much as possible, try to prepare your child for learning by starting the day with positive emotions. Preparing the school kit and lunches the night before will reduce stress in the mornings. If your child needs time to get ready in the morning, it may be worth waking them up a bit earlier to avoid rushing.
  • Provide your child a balanced breakfast avoiding sugary cereals with a high glycaemic index (sugar rush). Instead, choose wholegrain options low in sugar e.g. muesli, smoothies with chia seeds etc. This will give your child energy for learning.
  • Some children get anxious when they are apart from you. Make sure they know what to expect including who will pick them up especially if there is a change in plan.

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